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My Puppy died taking this product, kidney failure and died four weeks afterwards, the vet defended the product

I’m somewhat confused – why do you think you're gonna a lot of vets and not a veterinary specialist? Is your brother’s puppy Essentially BLIND? Or was it just dilated pupils and Visible? I actually doubt that Bravecto might cause “blindness” depending on the physiology and pharmacokinetics with the drug, but when it is really blind, it needs a veterinary ophthalmologist to really document this (e.g., to verify it’s not dilated pupils, Collie-linked breed issues re: vision, and many others.

Give just one 1620 mg chewable tablet by mouth after a month. Comfortis could be chewed, made available in food stuff, or administered like other tablet medications

We've been dropping our Pet, at the same time. We don’t know what to do! Bravecto was provided and he’s fighting for his lifetime with no antidote.

Btw, on the lone star tick query. The lone star tick is our main tick in North Central Florida and We've lots of them in my place. After 2.5 months I’ve discovered one tick among the my 3 dogs (Labradors) .

Past I read, the “death” was by no means formally claimed to Merck Animal Health Regardless of my plea for your proprietor to reach out. The mechanism of action of how this drug works is exciting – quite Harmless so to listen to Internet rumors that it caused “organ failure” are really difficult to confirm without (A) you being a concerned pet operator calling it in to report it!

My Canine is more than 120lbs how much do I give him and which do I obtain? It seems to only go around 120lbs. Requested by: Patty8

Question: I just picked up a dose of Bravecto from my vet nowadays–but didn't begin to see the vet. I have experienced real issue administering topicals on my dog, who resists it mightily .

You furthermore may need good environmental variations (e.g., vacuuming day-to-day, laundering beds, etcetera.) given that the eggs are hatching Every single day. Keep consistent and make sure to put into action these changes + be certain all the pets are dog flea and tick medication on a good flea and tick preventative to circumvent more infestation!

CAUTION: Federal (USA) regulation restricts this drug to employ by or on the order of a certified veterinarian.

We gave Bravecto to our Puppy last year and she did build cancer this year. It could be thoroughly unrelated as she's 15 years aged. I’m curious if any one else had this practical experience. (It did get rid of her fleas.)

I also live in Georgia on two acres outside Atlanta ,with woods as well as a pond and Though we actually don't have fleas a lot of because the dang ticks! Any of your products higher than do ok but K9 Advantix on my male German shepherd at a hundred and ten lbs ,freak After i utilize it and it burns his pores and skin Moreover We now have recognized seizure like habits Nearly as though he"s drunk or stroke starting at 4yrs. Quite scary and have witnessed only four but us and vet are attempting distinctive combos of administering heart worm and flea and tick .

Do you understand how long the tests for Bravecto continues to be accomplished? I’m enthusiastic dog days flea market 2016 about long time period effects. Since this is the new drug possibly we won't see it’s adverse effects For most months or perhaps years.

Linda Lewandowski My mothers Pet dog Practically died of precisely the same factor. She compensated above 2000$ to save lots of Missy’s life. We no longer give her that med either.

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